We're an experienced team highly versatile in all aspects of video production and development:

films, documentaries,promos, advertisements, event coverage or scriptwriting.

Your vision is our goal and we’re driven by our passion to find the perfect location, crews and cast for your project.

We don’t make any difference between one-day shootings or high-level productions and we’ll always go for that extra mile just to deliver a candy eye product with SFX, great colours and fine post-production tunings.

·      Production and post-production

·      On-Location Video

·      Studio Production

·      Script & Storyboard

·      Editing

·      4k Video

·      Micro & Long-fom Documentaries

·      Drone Videography

Location scouting

Finding THAT unique location to create the perfect atmosphere for your shooting is one of our primary concerns. We continuously travel through Transylvania to keep exploring our filming locations options: from castles, 15th-century churches, mystique forests, imposing fortress or tale worthy villages

Creative team & filming crew

We work with an enthusiastic team of young professionals with years of experience and awards in the film industries

Our team is our family. We love what we do, and love working together, extending our family with each project. We all share the same desire to push creativity further through each project we start.